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Frequently Asked Questions

Tools and Hardware

How long will a battery on a power tool last?

Some jobs and some tools require bigger capacity batteries or some requires more frequent charging.

Can you order different cabinet hardware?

Yes, we can order it in direct for the customer.

How big of a generator do I need to buy for my house?

Determine the items you need to use during a longer outage ex.( Fridge, stove, water pump, freezer, furnace, lights) Look at the amps and volts for each item. Volts X Amps =Running watts. By adding them all up gives you the total wattage.  After getting the total wattage you can tell which size generator you will require.

Do you carry Metric bolts?

Yes, we have a wide selection.


Do you carry cleaning supplies/products for businesses?

Yes! We have an extensive professional line including cleaners, janitorial supplies, food service supplies, and Eco- Professional cleaning products. We have a Professional Supply Catalogue and we can special order any item we don’t have in stock.

What is the warranty on appliances?

One year over the counter replacement warranty with your sales slip and box. After 1 year, the warranty would be whatever is remaining on the manufacturer’s warranty.


How much solder should be used when solding copper fittings?

Depending on the size of the copper pipe and how many fittings, a 1/2" of solder is used for 1/2" pipe fittings and 3/4" of solder is used for 3/4" pipe fittings.

Which sump pump is best for water removal in my basement?

Depending on lift from the sump pump, many sump pumps will work.  Any 1/4hp., 1/3hp, or 1/2hp., is capable of pumping 20'- 25' vertically,  but the more hp. the more water it can pump in GPH ( gallons per hour)

What type of pump is the most suited for my house?

Depending on the depth of your well and how many lines run to it can help you choose the right pump. Shallow well pumps have only one line and can pull water from a depth of 25 feet. Convertible jet pumps usually have 2 lines to pull water form a depth of 90 feet. Anything over 90 feet requires a submersible pump to push from depths of 100 feet or more using only one line.

What is the best brand of faucet for my home?

Moen is one of the best brands to have in your home. Great quality and they have a life time warranty on parts. They also have many different stylish designs and multiple finishes to choose from.


What is the warranty period on your mowers and snow blowers?

It ranges from2 to 4 years depending on the model.

Who does warranty work on your snow blowers and lawn mowers?

Littles Sales and Service or Cross Small Engines.


What size wire do I need to hook up my range, dryer etc? What if it is a long distance away?

Normally 10/3 is used for hooking up a dryer, and 8/3 for a range. But it is best to talk to your electrician, they know the codes to keep your home safe.

Can you help me find a light Bulb?

Are you looking for incandescent, CFL, or LED? What base do you require? Which the recent changes in light bulbs, LED is the trend of the future. They burn much cooler, are very energy efficient and last up to 20 years.


What products do you have for cinch bugs and weeds that will work?

The product for chinch bugs is Bug B Gon it comes in a convenient hose end sprayer. Coverage is approx. 3000 sq. ft. Weed B Gon is the product for getting rid of those pesty weeds. It is available in many size as well as a concentrate and ready to use.

What is that thing that shines lights on the front of your house?

Those are the laser lights know as Star Shower and Elf Light. They put red and green spots on your house where you shine them.


Can you use acrylic (water-based) paint over alkyd (oil-based) paint?

Typically this would not be advisable because of the bond between the two types of paint. However, if you first use an alkyd (oil-based) primer the this can be done.

How do I test for oil/ latex on a painted surface?

To test for oil or latex before painting use methyl hydrate on a clean rag and wipe the paint surface. If the paint breaks down and comes off on the rag that means that it is latex paint. If it cleans the paint surface removing no paint that means it is an oil paint.

What is required temperature to apply exterior paint?

The required temperature for applying exterior paint outside is 10’C for a minimum of 48 hours. Avoid extreme heat, direct sun, and also if rain is imminent.


I have a large amount of moisture in my house what can I do?

There are a few options to get rid of the moisture problem. There is a Dehumidifier which removes the moisture from the air and puts in a tank that you empty or you can hook it up to a continuous drain. Another option is a Humidex which takes out moist air from your home and vents it outside.

What size stove do I need to heat my house?

The size stove will be based on a few factors. The square footage, is the house an open concept, how many levels, is it an older home or newer. Once you have these answers than you will know what stove works for you.

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