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"Do you have any of those thingamajigs... you know, the what-cha-ma-call-it that attaches to the doohickey in the toilet tank?"

Our staff get asked a lot of questions and chances are we have what you are looking for even if you aren't quite sure what to call it! Often customers come to us to help trouble shoot a problem or solve a puzzle they are having. When it comes to water... that could mean just about anything!

From leaky faucet to Saturday morning plumbing emergencies, kitchen and bath renovations, or complete new builds we can come to the rescue or offer some helpful advice.

Services Offered:

  • Water Tests
  • Delivery

Some of the quality brands we represent are shown below. Please remember that we can special order any item you may be interested in from any of our suppliers. Simply visit our Special Orders page for details.

Questions & Answers

How much solder should be used when solding copper fittings?

Depending on the size of the copper pipe and how many fittings, a 1/2" of solder is used for 1/2" pipe fittings and 3/4" of solder is used for 3/4" pipe fittings.

Which sump pump is best for water removal in my basement?

Depending on lift from the sump pump, many sump pumps will work.  Any 1/4hp., 1/3hp, or 1/2hp., is capable of pumping 20'- 25' vertically,  but the more hp. the more water it can pump in GPH ( gallons per hour)

What type of pump is the most suited for my house?

Depending on the depth of your well and how many lines run to it can help you choose the right pump. Shallow well pumps have only one line and can pull water from a depth of 25 feet. Convertible jet pumps usually have 2 lines to pull water form a depth of 90 feet. Anything over 90 feet requires a submersible pump to push from depths of 100 feet or more using only one line.

What is the best brand of faucet for my home?

Moen is one of the best brands to have in your home. Great quality and they have a life time warranty on parts. They also have many different stylish designs and multiple finishes to choose from.

Plumbing Dept.

Boyd Uhlman
Boyd Uhlman

Plumbing Department Expert.
With us since 2003.

Mark Whynot
Mark Whynot

Electrical / Plumbing Manager.
With us since 2015.

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